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My Magical Elf Testimonials

“We downloaded the eBook and my 3 kids were so excited to start working on their elves...we ended up making 3 different elves and the kids absolutely love seeing all the trouble that the elves get into every night. Love this eBook and it was a lot more cost and fun than buying the Elf On The Shelf at the store.”

Carrie Saunders, Grand Rapids, MI

“Our whole family really got into this...I have 9 grand-kids ages 1-13 and all of t hem really enjoyed making custom elves. For $5 plus the cost of the materials, we have made 8 elves so far and are planning on more this Christmas. So much fun and it really gets everyone together for a couple of hours. Very easy to follow instructions and pattern and I love that you can customize the elf any which way that you like. Really neat idea and a must-have for every family.”

-Mary Colllingwood, Toronto, ON

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